Mixed reaction to proposed SHS Double Track System Policy

| Updated Jul 30, 2018 at 12:33pm


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has called on Ghanaians to embrace the system and make sure it succeeds.


A Former Rector of GIMPA, Professor Stephen Adei says the Double Track System to be introduced next academic year is the best and cheapest solution for the huge numbers of students recorded at the Senior High level.

He said contact hours will increase by more than 10 percent making it more intensive irrespective of the reduction in number of days.

Speaking on GBC's Current Affairs Programme “Talking Point”, which discussed the Double Track System for Senior High Schools, Professor Adei proposed a programme of study during vacations.

He however urged government to start putting measures in place to deal with the huge numbers that will be entering the Universities in the next few years.

Former President of NAGRAT, Christian Addai Poku raised some thorny issues arising from the proposed policy.

He said qualified teachers to be engaged for the new system are available, however, the fears of those already in the system must be allayed.

Mr. Addai Poku said if teachers are going to be engaged for extra hours then adequate compensation must be given them.

For his part, the Chairman of the Ghana Education Service Council, Micheal Nsowah explained that the proposed system is an intervention which is expected to stabilise after three years.

He urged parents to support government to make the intervention work, adding that there will be compensation packages for teachers who do extra hours.

How the new system will work

This new system will run in all the categories A and B senior high schools in the country.

The new programme creates a calendar of two semesters in a year for the SHS 1 class, containing 81 days per each semester and 41 days of vacation for a sandwich class.

Over 8,000 teachers are being recruited to handle the sandwich classes, so teachers are not be deprived of their holidays.

Under the new system, teaching hours are increased from six hours per day to eight hours per day.

Teaching hours are expected to increase from 1,080 hours per year under the current single-track system, to 1,134 hours per year under the proposed double-track system.

The new system is expected to cost GH₵323 million to implement fully.

GH₵267.2 million of this amount will go into teaching costs and GH₵55.8 million for academic interventions.

Without the double-track system, the government will require GH₵1.3 billion to accommodate the increase in numbers.

Among the infrastructure needs are 622 six-unit classroom blocks at the cost of GH₵404 million, 181,993 student desks costing GH₵81.6 million, and 3,730 teachers’ furniture estimated at GH₵3.6 million.