23rd August, 2017

| Updated Aug 23, 2017 at 10:29am



The Daily Graphic asks Telcos to move from their comfort zones and give a listening ear to the concerns of their customers. This is because they are not only in business to make profit but also to delight their customers. Complains such as fluctuations in signal quality within the same area and the inexplicable loss of data and airtime according to the paper is becoming too much. The Graphic says it is aware of the challenges that Telcos face but that should not be an excuse not to deliver the kind of quality services consumers deserve.

The Daily Heritage backs the call by the Conference of Directors of Education (CODE) for a reduction in the number of subjects taught in basic schools. Even though CODE suggests a reduction of the subjects to six, the Daily Heritage believes they must be beaten down further to five to improve the quality of education at that level. According to the paper, basic school pupils who are mostly below 15 years are too young to study nine subjects making it difficult for them to pass. The paper therefore believes heeding to the call by CODE will improve the quality of education.