16th August, 2017

| Updated Aug 16, 2017 at 10:00am



The Daily graphic calls for adequate national support for the galamsey task Operation Vanguard in their quest to halt the illegal mining menace affecting both arable lands and water bodies. The paper expresses optimism in the capacity of the Task force in the discharge of their duties. It however, calls on the commander of the Task force to ensure they operate within the confines of the law. The paper also entreats communities in which they operate to appreciate their work and consider it to be in their own interest.

The Ghanaian Times urges caution in the implementation of the proposed decision to license teachers before they are able to teach. The Paper thinks the policy is a laudable one, since it will address unprofessionalism and teacher absenteeism. It however, says the National Teachers Council must tread cautiously. The Times appeals to the Council not to impose its decision on teachers but explore all avenues for consultation with stakeholders especially NAGRAT and GNAT.

The Daily Heritage calls on government to wake up in the face of high terrorist threat. The paper says although Ghana has no recent record of terrorism, there is the need to conscientise the people on the matter following the recent alert by Canada, UK and the escalated attack in neighboring countries like Burkina Faso. The paper says everybody can be a victim of terrorism and therefore tasks the security to stay awake to prevent such attacks in the country.