Pastor arrested for selling tickets to heaven

| Updated Jul 24, 2018 at 6:38pm



A pastor and his wife in Zimbabwe were arrested for allegedly selling tickets to heaven.

The pastor, named Tito Wats, has reportedly told thousands of people that Jesus had appeared before him and miraculously gave him tickets to heaven.

He then began selling the tickets for $500 each and they are said to benefit everyone, especially the sinners.

When the police arrested the pastor, he did not care about whatever the people or the police said about him as he was doing the work of God.

Tito Wats further stated that the tickets that Jesus Christ gave him are made of gold and are for those who seek salvation.

“Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the tickets made of pure gold so that I can sell to people who want salvation.”

Protests from thousands of people are now appearing to free the pastor as they immediately ordered the police to release him.

They also said that it’s not right to arrest the pastor as they are using their own money to buy salvation.