Tindama schools register low enrolment due to open defecation on their premises

| Updated Jul 19, 2018 at 7:14am



The staff and students of the Tindama Primary School A and “B” in the Wa Municipality of theUpper West Region are calling on residents who live around the school to stop defecating in theirclassrooms and on the school premises.

Speaking to Radio Ghana News, the Heads of the two schools expressed worry about the development because students have to spend productive hours cleaning classrooms and pickingup human waste littered around the school compound.

They added that schools also spend a lotof money buying locks for the classrooms and toilet facilities but this does not deter someunscrupulous people from breaking and entering the facilities.

The Tindama Primary School “A” and “B” in the Wa Municipality has seen a steady decline inenrolment over the past years.

The Headmistress of Tindama Primary “B”, Evelyn Dede Dannson attributed this decline to the stigma attached to the school.

She explained that some parents refuse to send their wards to the school because they believe their children will have tobe cleaning feces instead of studying.

“How can children come from home to school and come and be washing feces in the classroombefore they sit? An NGO came to give us toilet for the children; the children now have to washoutsider’s feces before they can now use the place. It is affecting us a lot: low enrolment. There’s a stigma on this school, that this school is full of feces, so parents do not like bringing theirwards here,” Madam Madam Dede Dannson said.

The Headmaster for Tindama Primary “A” Pwazaga Payne added that “the school’s supposed tostart teaching at 7:30 am but you go into the class and there are feces in the class. You can’t stay there to learn. You have to wash the whole place and then wait after some time, by that time; you have probably lost some one or two periods which you cannot get back.”

Fadilatu Seidu who is a class six pupil of Tindama Primary “A” said she was not happy about the situation and appealed to the sensibilities of perpetrators to stop the practice.

“This situation it affects my class work because when you are sitting in the class, the smellalways comes there and you cannot concentrate. Even when you are eating and the scent entersyour nose, you cannot eat well. I will like to tell those people that they should stop defecating inour school. It is not good and will not help us to learn,”

she said Teachers who also spoke to Radio Ghana expressed disgust about the situation.

They appealed tothe perpetrators of the act to stop to enable them continue teaching and learning activities in aclean and conducive environment.Story by Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith