The Project

Dr. Markus Coester, The Project Coordinator


"Digitisation Visit at Kumasi Gramophone Library"

Gramophone Library Digitisation Project: Visit of GBC Gramophone Library, Kumasi, 2014

Dr. Markus Coester, Ezekiel Korley, Madam Beatrice Kusi-Appiah aka (Ama Fosuhemaa)

A Staff Digitising the Records

Until June 2010 recorded music from the following record labels and series in the G.B.C. Gramophone Library has been discographically documented, digitised and catalogued:
Schellack-records, 78 rpm:
Ambassador (AKB, ARF, GA), Brunswick, Decca, Gallotone, GBS, GCBS, Ghanaphone (PK, KDA) , HMV (KK, TM, AKB, AMC, BKB, JL, JLC, JLK, JVA, JZ, KK, MPG, TM), Jambo, Jofabro, Kotoko, Masterphone, Ngoma, Odeon (PLJ, PLK, PLR), Opika, Parlophone (WAP, JKS, JSK, NK, NPJ, NZP, AAD, AJE, AK, AKB, ASA, BRB, DKN, ISA, JSY, JYM, KD, KHT, SFK, UTC, WDN), Philips (P79, P85, N79), Queenophone (QP, HHPH), Queensway, Senafone, Tabansi, Troubadour, Truetone, Voltaphone, West Africa Records, Yee Bee.

Vinyl-records, 45rpm. Aduana, Ambassador (AKB, ARF), Decca (GWA), Kotoko, Philips (335, 383).

Acetate records, 78 rpm
G.C.B.S. (Gold Coast Broadcasting Service), No. 1 - 878 33 rpm Long player
Additionally reel-to-reel tapes with recordings from the various regions of Ghana as well as several radio programmes from the 1950s and 1960s have been digitised and catalogued.