About Us

The beginning of the Gramophone Library can be traced to the birth of broadcasting in the then Gold Coast in the 1930s. One of the stores of the engineering section was used to keep the Records which were dished out to the station’s assistants on duty for broadcasting. The process became standardized in the mid 50s with the help of the BBC through Ms. Jane London an expert, who came to modernize the library to suit a modern broadcasting station.

Around 1958 during the tenure of office of Ms. Barbara Roberts, the Library moved into the new permanent building in the Broadcasting House where it is presently located. In 1960, the Library had a collection of about 38,000 records. This can be classified into three categories – commercial, processed and soft recordings in three speeds – 33,  45 and 78 and the monthly intake around that time was about 300.

Around 1978, the Gramophone Library had increased its collection to about 56,000 records of various makes and categories of music which included transcription records and effects. Included were Collections of Reel to Reel tapes. From the 1990’s cassettes and CDs were added to the collection of the Library since technology was moving towards that direction. Due to the change in technology from analog to digital transmission in radio broadcasting and liberalization of FM radio stations in the mid 90s most musicians stopped brnging their music to the Library. The Gramophone Library became inactive and the Records started deteriorating gradually due to unstable temperature conducive for the records and tapes until the coming in of the German Funded Project to digitize and safeguard the Library in October, 2008 and have been ongoing since. 

Below are the Current Staff in-charge of the GBC Gramophone Library. Mr Atsu Atsiatorme  - Head of the Library; Ms. Dorcas K. Aggrey - archivist local songs, radio programmes, catalogues


Ms. Adeline A. Ababio  – CD & Cassette Database, popular music styles




Ms. Felicia Annan  – In-charge of documentation and discographical Information


Mr. Bright Aheto - Chief Filer, and presenter Gram Time, choir master & choral music expert, co-producer “Gram Time”

Mr. Ezekiel Korley – Technical Assistant Digitisation, Music-Selection & production - Gram Time.




Mr. Moses Adjetey Adjei – In-charge of Database