Abdul Hayi Moomen [GTV News Anchor]

| Updated Mar 01, 2017 at 2:00am



Abdul Hayi Moomen comes from Wa in the Upper West Region. He is in his thirties and comes from a large extended family. He completed Ahmadiyya Secondary School in Kumasi and served as a teaching assistant at Tiymba School in Tamale.
In 2004 he graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in English and Linguistics and then joined the bandwagon in 2005 to travel abroad to seek greener pastures and further his education.

Abdul returned to Ghana in 2009 and joined Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) the same year. He’s worked with Diamond FM, a private radio station in Tamale as a host of the station’s flagship drive time programme. This program involved conducting interviews on issues that were political, economic, entertaining and cultural combined with satire and musicals

Web Xtra: - It seems you have lots of skills in the professional field hm, now let’s delve more into your personal life ok!

Abdul: - eh, you really want to put me into big trouble hmm, [he smiles]

Web Xtra: - why? do you have something to hide? Asking with a mischievous face.

Abdul: - oh no, l don’t. [He laughs]

Web Xtra: - Are you single? Because I know a young public figure like you would probably want to have lots of fun with ladies before getting hooked up?

Abdul: - No way!, I am a muslim and my religion does not permit that.

Web Xtra: - Well most of the religions don’t mine as well doesn’t but, you never know?

Abdul: - Well I don’t and I’m seriously attached.

Web Xtra asked how they met and he said “we grew up together; in fact I actually used some friend to propose to her on my behalf.

Web Xtra: - Oooh, I see.

Abdul loves reading, watching football, meeting family members, teaching and eating fufu with goat light soup. He stressed on the fact that he can’t resist the temptation to eat fufu.

His greatest achievement is the fact that he is able to speak Arabic but has never attended an Arabic school and also an interview he had with Nana Akufo Addo (NPP flag bearer) and President John Evans Atta Mills.

His role model is Wole Soyinka and his ultimate dream is to become a lecturer at the university.

This is what he had to say when Web Xtra asked whether he’s ever been broken hearted.

Abdul: - Several times and I’ve broken a few as well

Web Xtra: - Oh, such a tempting guy like you. Why did you do that to the ladies? [he laughs]

Abdul: - I couldn’t find some of the qualities I wanted in them. Just being a normal young man. But aah yes, now I remember I use to date a lady who broke up with me because she wanted to become a nun. [what! then why did she start dating in the first place, I said] I never understood her because I really loved her you know, but l had to let go. I later found out that she was dating another guy. [awwh, that will surely hurt] believe me it hurt like hell, but it’s all in the past now.

Web Xtra: - So tell me, what are some of the qualities you look out for in a lady?

Abdul: - In short, a lady who will stick by me in times of need, thus good or bad times.

I asked of his happiest moment in life and he said “The first time I boarded an aeroplane. I was so excited to the extent that l wanted to call all family members whiles on the plane to tell them how l was feeling but l had no network.

Web Xtra: - aaow too bad.

Abdul: - It was the best experience”, [he smiles]

“My saddest moment was when my brother died in a car accident in 2001. Nurul Haque Moomen, he was only 20 years, hm l really loved him”. [He said with a sad expression on the face].

Web Xtra: Oh, I’m so sorry. May he rest in peace, I said.

Abdul’s advice to upcoming presenters is that they should be educated in the right field, master the English language and the native one as well.