Zekula festival held with a call on Ghanaians to rekindle traditional values

| Updated Feb 22, 2017 at 10:00pm



Zekula festival held with a call on Ghanaians to rekindle traditional values
MP for Pusiga, Hajia Lardi Ayamba
Upper East Regional Minister, Albert Abongo
The Upper East Regional Minister, Albert Abongo, has charged various district and municipal assemblies in the Upper East Region to facilitate the formation of community watchdog committees, particularly in areas near the border, to clamp down on the proliferation of arms and check nefarious activities.

He further entreated the security agencies to liaise with the assemblies to help screen and offer basic security training to prospective members of the committees.

Mr. Abongo stated this at the 2016 Zekula Festival of the chiefs and people of the Bissa community at Kulungungu in the Pusiga District of the Upper East Region.

The festival was held on the theme: "Rediscovering our Cultural Heritage" and was aimed at bringing together the Bissas from all over the world to rediscover the values and practices that depict their identity.

He further observed we live in a period where some misguided individuals take the law into their own hands and in the process make life very uncomfortable for the majority of the people.

He noted that the situation had become even more dangerous in this part of our country where we are surrounded by neighboring countries and foreign nationals who connive with our people to commit acts such as dealing in small arms to fuel conflict.

Mr. Abongo pointed out that there are some cultural practices which have outlined their usefulness and have no place in society.

He said forced and early marriages, female genital mutilation and child trafficking are undoubtedly barbaric and offend the fundamental rights of people which we must all support in their elimination from society.

He called on chiefs, opinion leaders and religious leaders to join hands with government to expose people in the communities who still adhere to such practices.

The Chief of Kulungugu, Ziitor Balike, appealed to the government to support farmers in the area to undertake an all-year-round farming as a way of discouraging the youth from migrating to the south in search of non-existent jobs.

He also appealed to the president to expand electricity to cover the entire area of Kulungungu, adding that the Kulungungu health center also needs quarters to house the health workers.

The MP for Pusiga, Hajia Lardi Ayamba, called on the Bissa Development Association to establish a good working relationship with district assemblies and other development partners to operationalize the yearly targets of the festival.

She cautioned the people against smuggling fuel, fertilisers and other unaccustomed goods, since such activities drained the nation's economy.

She stated that force and early marriages deprives adolescents of higher education.

She cited instances where parents stop their girl-child from schooling and give them out for marriages.

The MP who is also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Select Committee in-charge of Gender, Children and Social Protection, described the situation as unacceptable and should be reversed.

Hajia Lardi pledged her outfit’s readiness to support them in the area of development.