APSU President eulogises St Augustine of Hippo

| Updated Feb 10, 2017 at 0:00am



The President of the St Augustine’s Past Students’ Union (APSU), Dr Ernest Anthony Osei has asked his colleagues to exemplify the ideals of St Augustine of Hippo, the Patron Saint of the school.

Dr Osei also exhorted the congregation of Corpus Christi Catholic Church to acknowledge St Augustine of Hippo during a Thanksgiving Mass hosted by the mission at Sakumono in Accra to round-off a series of activities held to commemorate the 2015 Feast of St Augustine.

He was accompanied by members of the National Executive and a large number of members of APSU spanning generations.

The National President of APSU reminded members that when the idea for the establishment of the first Catholic College began in the early years of the 20th Century, it was the hope of the proponents that the prospective students would take their places of pride as responsible citizens.

Thus, when in January 1935 Bishop W.T. Porter (the Archbishop of Cape Coast) assisted by the Bishops of Keta, Kumasi and Navrongo blessed the foundation stone at the present site in Cape Coast, they were unanimous in their selection of St Augustine of Hippo as College’s Patron Saint.

In doing so, they were confident that the laudable qualities of St Augustine as well as his exemplary lifestyle would serve to illuminate, instruct, inform, touch and mould the lives of all those who receive their education in the College.

Dr Osei said that on January 22, 1936, the first Headmaster of the College, Reverend Father Maurice B. Kelly said: “The aim of this institution is to produce the perfect Christian, and the perfect Christian is always the perfect citizen. Students leaving this school in future years will, I’m sure, contribute a worthy share to the building of this country and will reflect credit on the school that trained them by their exemplary lives as Christians and as citizens.

“Products of St Augustine’s College have since then taken great inspiration from these ideals on which the College was established as summarised in its motto, ‘Omnia Vincit Labor’ (Perseverance conquers all).

The list of APSUnians is replete of men who through dedicated, honest, conscientious and selfless devotion have worked their way up their various professions, vocations and businesses, Dr Osei added.

Dr Osei admonished both the parishioners and members of APSU to use the commemoration of the Feast Day to remind themselves of the continued necessity of living the cherished lifestyle upon which they all needed to fashion out their lives.

The APSU National President indicated that its decision to fellowship with the parish was premised upon the fact that just like their College, the Corpus Christi parish had as its Patron Saint, St Augustine; that APSU had an ever-increasing membership in the Corpus Christ Parish.

He said the activism of members in the parish was very ripe to host the wider union and further strengthen the local members for a possible establishment of a branch.

The Parish Priest, Very Rev Joseph Henry Mensah, who co-celebrated the Mass with APSU Rev Fr Samuel Korkordi of the parish in Odorkor was full of praise for the activism of members of APSU.

He prayed that the festering partnership between the two bodies premised on their common heritage would be nurtured for their mutual benefit.

The APSU President joined by the other dignitaries from the parish unveiled a giant bust of St Augustine of Hippo erected within the premises of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

In consecrating the bust, Very Rev J.H. Mensah was hopeful that it would serve as a constant reminder to parishioners to deepen their relationship with the Lord as was exemplified by St Augustine of Hippo.