President Mahama's Mauritius departure statement

| Updated Feb 09, 2017 at 9:00pm



President Mahama's departure statement and press conference on the occasion of a state visit to the Republic of Mauritius


Rt. Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth
Lady Sarojini Jugnauth
Honourable Ministers of the Republic of Mauritius and Ghana
Your Excellency Ghana’s High Commissioner to Mauritius
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been three days of bilateral discussions, business networking and investment cooperation. This visit has given us true understanding and a sneak preview of what makes Mauritius a truly lovely, oceanic nation.

Coming from Ghana, which has undoubtedly the world’s friendliest people, the similarities in our people, culture, history and our vision are striking.

Once again, on behalf of the good people of Ghana and my delegation, I wish to express my appreciation to you, Mr. Prime Minister for the invitation and to also thank Her Excellency President Ameenah Gurib- Fakim for the elaborate and warm welcome since our arrival.

As we prepare to leave Port Louis at the end of this 3-day State Visit, you can be assured that the relationships and memories established over the past few days will remain with us forever.

The bilateral agreements, trade and political cooperation between our two countries have been made even stronger by this visit.

We are returning to Ghana to prepare ourselves to receive the business delegation that will be visiting us in November as a quick follow up to the many positive outcomes of this state visit.

With many more Mauritius businesses expressing interest in visiting Ghana, the number of companies signing up is increasing, and Minister for Finance and Economic Development, Hon., Seetanah Lutchmeenaraidoo, is now threatening to cap the number at forty (40).

This is certainly good news for our two countries. In 2014, the net exports to Ghana from Mauritius amounted to US$526,000, while net import from Ghana to Mauritius was US$333,000.

We can definitely improve on our trade, and the business community in Ghana is more than ready and willing to tap into the Mauritius market just as there are willing Mauritian investors looking to explore opportunities that are opening up in Ghana.

Our two countries share a common history- slavery, colonialism and exploitation.

The archaeological excavations at the Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site and the stories told me about the Le Morne Cultural Landscape and Monument of Nature hits me as reminders of what we can achieve when we are determined to fight against poverty, disease and squalor with the view to creating wealth and prosperity for our people.

Our forebears fought and succeeded. Mr. Prime Minister, I am also certain that we shall succeed.

Mr. Prime Minister, today, I invite you to join hands with me and the people of our two countries to make this relationship work as a pivotal example of South- South Cooperation.

Our success stories will bring many other countries on board for the attainment of broader cooperation, integration, sustainable development and empowerment of our African continent.

I am confident that the:

Signing of the General Cooperation Agreement and the Agreement for the establishment of a Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation in May 2014;

The exploratory visits to Ghana by companies and Senior Government Officials of Mauritius, including the Deputy Prime Minister’s visit in 2013;

Last week’s visit by the Chairman of the Board of Investments and a business team to Accra;

The business prospects in Mauritius and in Ghana, identified by our private sector teams-

Have altogether provided us with a stronger opportunity to strengthen cooperation among ourselves.

Ghana remains a champion of integration on the African continent, and we will continue to give real meaning to our advocacy for proper and practical integration of Africa.

The signing on this trip of a Mutual Visa Exemptions Agreement to allow your citizens to also visit Ghana without any restrictions within the first 90 days has therefore been long overdue.

Additionally, this State Visit was preceded by your acceptance of the Credentials of our High Commissioner to Mauritius who also doubles as Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana will continue its discussions with other states on the African continent towards making movement and access to each other’s countries a matter of course, and without limitations.

That is the only way we can, together with improved trade among ourselves, enhance the pace of integration of the continent.

Mr. Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, the collaboration between the Ghana Standards Authority and the Mauritius Standards Bureau, and also in the fields of higher education, science and technology are further demonstrations of our commitment to partnering each other for growth.

We have already seen the successful entry into the educational sector of Mauritius by a Ghanaian investor, with the establishment of the African Leadership College, a Private University.

We have also signed the framework agreement for the development and implementation of the Tema Technology Park Project, which seeks not only to create 5000 direct jobs but also serve as an ICT hub in the West Africa Sub-region.

The Project has been categorised into two phases with an initial commitment of US$75million, scaling up to US$250 million by the end of the second phase.

Ladies and gentlemen, the prospects for our two countries are enormous. I also trust that we shall work together for our common good.

Thank you most sincerely for your hospitality and the progress made so far.

God Bless the Ghana- Mauritius Friendship.

God Bless Our People.

God Bless us all.