6th August, 2018

| Updated Aug 06, 2018 at 10:48am



The Daily Graphic Lauds the achievements of the free SHS initiative, acknowledging that every new educational system has its challenges. The paper focuses on the double track system and urges government to listen to suggestions offered by critics. It encourages continuous consultation with interest groups to better explain the implementation of the programme to citizens to allay their fears.

The Today Newspaper calls for support for the new leadership of the Electoral Commission. It nevertheless cautions them to discharge their responsibilities without fear or favour.

The benefits of agriculture to the economic development of any country and similarly Ghana’s Planting for Food and Jobs programme is at the heart of the editorial by the Ghanaian Times. It is in this direction that the paper commends the use of drip pipes to boost agriculture. The innovation by Interplant, according to the Times will help put large tracts of arable land to good use.