Terminator teases sixth instalment with all-female photo

| Updated Aug 02, 2018 at 3:41pm



A promotional image from the sixth film in the Terminator series shows actress Linda Hamilton back in her signature role as the indomitable Sarah Connor.

Hamilton is joined by Colombian actress Natalia Reyes and Canada's Mackenzie Davis, star of recent release Tully.

Markings on Davis's body seem to imply she is one of the futuristic androids around which the franchise revolves.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also appears in Tim Miller's currently untitled film, due in cinemas in November 2019.

Reyes plays a new character called Dani Ramos, while Davis plays a character known only as Grace.

Hamilton, 61, appeared in the original Terminator film as a young woman whom Schwarzenegger's relentless cyborg travels back in time to kill.

She played the character again in that film's first sequel, which reconceived her as a gun-toting warrior determined to protect her teenage son from another murderous robot.

Strong women have been a recurring fixture of the science-fiction franchise, which has so far had all-male directors.