Europe's heat record could be broken in Spain and Portugal

| Updated Aug 02, 2018 at 3:24pm


In Madrid, the heat has driven people to the city's fountains


As Europe bakes in another heatwave, forecasters say the all-time temperature record could be broken in the coming days.

The current European record is 48C (118.4F) set in Athens in July 1977.

Temperatures are rising in Spain and Portugal, aided by a surge of hot air sweeping in from Africa.

Forecasters say the heat in some parts could keep rising, breaking national records and even the 41-year-old European record.

Spain's national weather service has put a warning in place until at least Sunday, saying the heatwave will be "especially intense and lasting in the southwest".

Europe's weather warning group, Meteoalarm, has already issued red warnings - categorised as very dangerous and posing a risk to life - for much of southern Portugal and for the Badajoz province in Spain.