Government provides financial clearance to the MoFA

| Updated Aug 02, 2018 at 10:16am



Government has given financial clearance to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to recruit 2,700 Extension Officers to provide technical support to farmers in the Planting for Food and Job programme.

That aside, 500,000 farmers will be enrolled onto the programme this year.

The Senior Agriculture officer at the Extension Services Directorate of the Ministry, Kwesi Abaka- Quansah, announced this on GBC Sunrise FM in Koforidua.

The programme discussed the state of the Planting for Food and Jobs programme.

He said the initiative is to help farmers to produce more food to feed the nation.

Under the programme, farmers are given farm inputs at a subsidised price.

Mr. Quansah stated that the Ministry has added new food crops such as cabbage, lettuce, groundnut, cassava and soya beans to expand the programme.

They have also introduced E-Agriculture application where farmers with smart phones can access information on the net.

Responding to a question as regards the criteria used in selecting the farmers, Mr. Quansah, said farmers who are interested in the programme have been asked to go to their various District Agriculture Offices to register.