Parliament Passes US$90 Million Loan Agreement to Establish UESD University, Bunso Campus

| Updated Jul 18, 2018 at 6:03am



Parliament has adopted a loan agreement between Ghana and The Export-Import Bank of Korea for an amount in Korean Won not exceeding the equivalent of Ninety Million United States Dollar (US$90,000,000.000) to finance the establishment of the University Of Environment And Sustainable Development (UESD) Bunso Campus Project, in spite of a robust opposition from the Minority which pushed the Speaker to subject his decisions to a head-count voting, won by the Majority by 125: 75 votes recorded on the floor.

The Minority led by Harunna Iddrisu in Parliament has challenged the Minister of Education and Government to abide by section 3 of Act 898 that, established the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) right from the Committee level to the plenary, indicting the Executive of constitutional breaches.

The Committee reports captured the views of The Minority as in …. “The Minority was of the view that section 3 of Act 898 which provides that “the university shall be established in Somanya, with campuses at Donkorkrom and any other places as the council may determine” has not been compiled with.

They held opinion that it is only the Governing council that can set up a campus of the university and therefore in its absence, a campus cannot be established”.

The Minority further argued that even though the Minister for Education informed the committee that he has an Executive Authority to Act in the absence of both the Governing council and the interim council, there was no documentary proof to support his assertion.

The minority added that the documentary proof was necessary in order to determine whether or not the Minister for Education had power to establish a campus of the University.

But the Chairman of the finance committee, Dr. Mark Assibey-Yeboah in the report suggested that the Government was right to site the campus at the Bunso, adding “considering the benefits the communities and the country stand to gain from undertaking this project and the immense socio-economic benefits to be derived from the project, The Committee is of the view that, the request is in the right direction”.

The purpose is to establish a UESD campus at Bunso, Eastern Region with the view to improving equitable access to tertiary education in the region. The aim is to establish a centre of excellence in the agro-entrepreneurship, engineering and technology training and research especially in Ghana and in Africa. The University will focus firstly on satisfying the human resource demand from Ghana’s local and national industries.

The scope of the project involves Construction of the University of Environment and the Sustainable Development (USED) Campus at Bunso the Eastern Region; Provision of appropriate and required equipment for the laboratories and workshops; Capacity building of staff; Post-project operational support as well as Consulting services.

Story by Edzorna Francis Mensah