Prosecute individuals indicted in Auditor General's report – Expert

| Updated Jul 26, 2018 at 3:18pm


Local Governance Expert, Fred Oduro Agyarko


Local Governance Expert, Fred Oduro Agyarko says District Coordinators and all individuals indicted in the Auditor General's report on Metropolitan, Municipal, District Assemblies should be surcharged or made to face prosecution.

Speaking to GBC’s Radio Ghana, Mr. Agyarko said most of the infractions were on procurement.

Most of the Assemblies refused to apply the law and did their own thing.

He said the Metropolitan, Municipal, District Assemblies have been schooled adequately on the procurement law and therefore believes that most of the breaches captured by the Auditor-General might have been done deliberately.

Mr. Agyarko said the Auditor-General must disallow funds to the Assemblies which are culpable and also initiate criminal investigations against the officials.