11th July, 2018

| Updated Jul 11, 2018 at 10:20am



The State of the Ghana’s emergency services provides food for thought for the Daily Graphic. The paper refers to the internationally recommended standard of one ambulance to 25,000 people and says with Ghana's population of about 29 million more than one thousand ambulances are needed. The Graphic says Ghana has lost some prominent people under bizarre circumstances because of lack of emergency care. It notes that be it as it may, it is not strange that citizens use taxis, private cars and motor bikes to convey people to hospital. It raises the case of the 30 ambulances which remain unutilised amid banter from the current and former Health Ministers. The Graphic calls for a definite decision to be taken on the 30 ambulances as soon as possible because Ghana seems to be earning a bad name as a country that does not use its limited resources judiciously.

The Ghanaian Times echoes the assertion by the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Right Reverend Seth Senyo Agidi that it is time to stop what he calls crooks in paddock. It agrees with the description of such people by Right Rev. Agidi as fake pastors who are in bed with people in authority and the affluent in the pursuit of money. The paper calls for urgent action by government to set out rules and regulations for the establishment of churches as the fake pastors are undermining the integrity of the Christian faith. This, the Times says is necessary to prevent the fake and their churches wreaking havoc on the country.