| Updated Jun 13, 2018 at 1:17pm



“Where there is a will, there is a way.” If we are determined enough, we can find a way to achieve massive results for Ghana, our Motherland. Our leaders are not born as leaders; they are made leaders through hard efforts into Office. Which is the price we all pay to ensure that we achieve any goal that is worthwhile. 

Our democracy has constantly been abused by a failed system. Our reputation has been ruined by our technocrats and politicians. An entangled system that has been set up elusively and managed by some of the most corrupt elite in our society. Africa, we were meant to be together, but each country stands alone with failure, hardships, guilt and uncertainty. 
The human race was meant to make a better livelihood for the next generation. In the Western countries, every generation, salutes the ones that came before it. Unfortunately, on our African continent, every generation blames the one before it. 
The world has always been challenged by the survival of the fitters’ syndrome. How long will the damage of slavery and colonialism plague Sub-Sahara Africa? The past is gone; the future is here with hope. We cannot continue to hope for a better future when we cannot overcome the ravages of slavery, colonialism, corruption and greed. 
We need a paradigm shift, so we that we can gain grounds again. There is no better antidote to fight corruption and mismanagement than sincere character, empathy and pure common sense. Any institution in life that is successful is challenged but greatness and success may be achieved by working together as good citizens.

To secure a better future for ourselves and the next generation, we need to instill discipline and great character in the system. We cannot reduce corruption if we continue to undermine the integrity of the youth and deny them national pride, which comes through quality education, partnership training, backed by Emotional Intelligence and a good standard of living. 

As a developing nation, we need selfless and critical thinkers who would strategize information systems to enable organizational transformation. We need to change the mindset and behavior of our people, through the example of real honest role models in our society. 

We need national identity cards that instills national pride. We should task ourselves to enjoy our Ghana made products and expand our horizon to the rural areas.

Our monies must circulate extensively in our economy in order to encourage local businesses to flourish. Our agriculture should be mechanized to attract the youth for employment.

Our human resources departments must be linked out with our educational Authority to ensure a hands-on training degrees, subsidized by the Government under Ghana Department of Economic Development.

For a better Ghanaian work force in various fields of employments for equity and equality.

Accountability should be the first and the last call of our lives.  Ghana must work again and we should redeem our respect again.

Authored by Ewurama S. Aggrey-Smith, Atlanta, GA