11th June, 2018

| Updated Jun 11, 2018 at 10:18am



The Daily Graphic believes that more can be done about the plastic waste menace problem in the country. The paper agrees that the casual disposal of plastics and the resultant adverse effect on the environment call for stringent and drastic measures to solve the problem. The Daily Graphic says the ban on plastic use in the country and education on the use of plastic would go a long way to solving the issue. It urges stakeholders to team up and offer the needed education on the separation of plastics, so that recycling can be done in greater amounts which would create more income and employment.

The Daily Heritage says the NGO, Friends of Rivers and Water Bodies has warned that Ghana is at risk of importing water if we continue the rampant pollution of our water bodies. The NGO says major rivers such as Pra, Offin, Densu, Black and White rivers have been heavily polluted through deliberate human activities with reckless abandon. The paper therefore calls on law enforcement agencies to be swift in meting out punishment to offenders to deter others and save our water bodies.

The Ghanaian Times is calling on the Ghana Police Service and authorities in charge to open investigations into the National Sports Authority, NSA, in the wake of the Aremeyaw Anas' latest expose Number 12 since it is the umbrella organisation of all sporting associations in the country. The paper is also of the view that sentiments of Ghanaians should not overshadow or dictate the work of the investigators to get to the bottom of the scandal. The Times calls on Ghanaians to be circumspect in their comments on the matter.