Psychiatric Nurses Group declares support for Ankaful strike

| Updated Dec 07, 2017 at 8:14pm



The Psychiatric Nurses Group has declared their support for nurses at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital to go on strike.

Nurses at the Ankaful hospital are demanding the removal of their Medical Director for his poor managerial skills.

However according to the nurses group, a meeting with the Health Minister to resolve the situation was inconclusive.

A statement signed by the Vice Chairperson of the Psychiatric Nurses Group, Samuel Hanu, said they were disappointed that the Minister indicated that disrespect, abuses of Nurses rights and autocratic leadership are not strong basis for the removal of the Medical Director.

Speaking to GBC’s Radio Ghana, the spokesperson for the Psychiatric Nurses Group, Philip Frimpong Okyere, said the group per its meeting with the Minister, supports every action at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital including a sit down strike to remedy the situation.

Mr. Okyere called on the Health Minister to act quickly in the best interest of the nurses at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital so as not to put the health of patients at risk.