U.N.Environment Assembly Ministers issue declaration on air, sea, and land pollution

| Updated Dec 07, 2017 at 11:51am



The third Session on the U.N. Environment Assembly, UNEA has ended with resolutions and pledges to address air, water and land pollution to improve the lives of billions of people.

At a news conference to end the event, the Chief Scientist at the U.N. Environment Programme,Jacqueline Mcglade said if members meet their commitments, about 1.5 billion people will breath clean air, and 480 thousand coastlines will be cleaned.

She said this will require 18.6 billion dollars for research and development as well as innovative programmes to combat pollution.

For the first time at U.N Environment Assembly, the U.N. Environment Assembly Ministers issued a declaration to prevent air, sea, and land pollution.

This has become urgent due to staggering figures of pollution on health, ecosystems, societies, economies and global security. At a news conference at the end of the meeting, the Chief Scientist at the Assembly, Jacqueline McGlade said science based evidence about the issues of pollution should not be ignored.

President of this year's Environment Assembly, Dr. Edgar Gutierrez said this generation has been a bad steward of the environment due to bad consumption and production practices and this must change.

About four thousand people including Heads of State, Ministers, Business Leaders and celebrities attended the Environment Assembly; dubbed "Best Pollution".

Story by Joyce Gyekye.