2017 National Best Farmer urges youth to leverage prospects in farming

| Updated Dec 04, 2017 at 4:31pm



The President of the Ghana Agricultural Chamber of Commerce, Philip Abayori, has commended government for converting into money the overall prize for the best farmer.

He said the association has been championing this for a long while now because most of farmers already own houses.

Speaking to Radio Ghana, Mr. Abayori said the conversion of the overall prize to money will enable the farmer to re-invest the money into the farm.

Meanwhile, the 2017 National Best Farmer, Philip Kwaku Agyemang, says the cash prize is appropriate and will assist him re-invest in his farm.

He said the cash prize will enable him to decide how best to invest in his farm instead of the government deciding for him by giving him a house.

Speaking to Radio Ghana, Mr. Agyemang urged the youth especially graduates from the tertiary institutions to take to farming.

He said there are a lot of prospects in farming and the youth should take advantage of such prospects.

For the first time in the celebration of the National Farmers Day, a ten-day exhibition was organised for farmers to showcase their produce and share experiences as far as mechanization of Agriculture is concerned.

A participant, Philip Abayori told Radio Ghana that the exhibition was an eye-opener and would impact positively on Agriculture production.

On livestock as governments flagship programme, Mr. Abayori said it is a livelihood venture which every household must undertake.

Mr. Abayori said sanitation officers and the Law Courts must be sensitized to appreciate the importance of the venture.