Dagaow calls on musician union of Ghana to support up and coming artists

| Updated Dec 04, 2017 at 9:33am



Afro-pop and hip-hop artist, Dagaow, known in real life as Dangmaa Felix Lambert, is calling on the Musician Union of Ghana, MUSIGA, not to turn a blind eye on the welfare of up and coming artists in the Ghanaian music industry.

Dagaow explains that many up and coming artist in the music industry are been exploited by show organisers under the pretext that they the artists are not famous and hence cannot be paid by event organisers after their performances.

The artist, who spoke with the media at the Bolgatanga Polytechnic fashion week event after his performances, explained that MUSIGA could come out with a minimum amount to be paid to all up and coming artists who perform at events.”

I believe the famous artists can handle their affairs, however those who are striving to get to the top, should be assisted”.

“I know most of the gurus will say they all pass through the same process, but should we condone something which is wrong?” “I don’t think it’s fair and right that an up and coming artist will invest in their song, a music video, buy costumes to enable them to perform at an event, coupled with their transportation fares, only to be told that they are not worth being paid for”.

MUSIGA has been lying dormant for a long time and I think this is one of the areas they should look at. According to Dagaow, up and coming artists are the future of Ghana’s music industry and so should be taken good care of.

“If MUSIGA really wants more members to join its association, then this is one of the opportunities to prove to up and coming artists that they are up to the task and can protect their rights and so they should join the association”.

Dagaow maintains that if all up and coming artists notice that MUSIGA is interested in their welfare, then they will also accord it the needed recognition and respect it and in future, join and pay their dues.

Whilst calling on MUSIGA and related bodies to come the aid of up and coming artists, Dagaow also cautioned this group of artists not allow themselves to be exploited. “I know event organisers will tell you that if you perform at their shows, the crowd will get to know you, yes it is true, but you should also be appreciated by the same event organisers, especially if it’s paid for event”.

He has called on up and coming artists to work on their branding and negotiation power so they can defend themselves when the need arises.

Dagaow, a headline artist at the just ended Bolgatanga Polytechnic fashion show, thrilled the students with great performances from three of his new singles released this year, including the song “Boys Aye Hye”.