Navrongo MCE calls on youth to embrace gov’ts planting for food and jobs program

| Updated Jul 24, 2018 at 7:52pm


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From Kessena-Nankana Municipality in the Upper East Region, Correspondent Samuel Ayammah reports that the Farmers Day Celebration took place at Gaani a community in the area.

Speaking on the this year’s theme for the Farmers Day Celebration “Farming for Food and Jobs”, the Kessena-Nankana Municipal Chief Executive, Williams Aduum, said the theme is meant to be the operational catchy phrase of the government policy to improve food security and promote sustainable agriculture as indicated in the SDG 2 as well as create jobs, especially for the teeming unemployed youth.

He said it is for this reason the NPP government launched the “Planting for Food and Jobs program".

He said this program was designed to encourage all citizens to take up farming as a full or part-time activity.

Mr. Aduum said it is intended to be structured along the lines of erstwhile “Operation Feed Yourself” program in the 1970s'.

The MCE said in the Kessena-Nankana Municipality, under the “Planting for Food and Jobs program”, a total of two thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine farmers were registered.

He stated that one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-nine hectares of farmland were cultivated. He said fifteen thousand three hundred and six bags of fertilizers were distributed to participating farmers.

Mr. Aduum revealed that over four thousand Agro-inputs access pass book were issued to farmers to buy the government subsidized fertilizer.

He said the Fall Army Worm invasion was successfully managed and brought under control due to the prompt response from government and the extension officers.

He said in the Kessena-Nankana Municipality, a total of forty-three hectares of maize farms were destroyed whilst nine hundred and one hectares were recovered as a result of spraying with the insecticides provided by MOFA.

He said urged the youth in the area to direct their time and energies to the lucrative venture of agriculture.

He said the agricultural revolutionary program by the government called Planting for Food and Jobs” will become naught if the youth for whom these policies are targeted at fails to reciprocate the government efforts with renewed energies to work, time consciousness and refined attitude to agriculture.

The MCE said the combined factors of human activities like consistent bush burning, bad farming practices, hunting and fishing methods, improper management of liquid and solid waste and flagrant disregard to environmental bye-laws coupled with some natural interplay have distorted the original setting of the world’s environment completely.

He said a total of one hundred and ninety two small dams and dugouts in sixty four districts in the three regions of the north have been identified for development under the one-village-one-dam initiative.

Mr. Aduum entreated all the NGOs operating in the municipality especially in the agriculture sector to liaise with assembly to help harmonize their activities and also to avoid duplications.

He therefore, expressed his profound gratitude to their development partners for their immeasurable contribution to better the lots of the people in the area.

A forty-one year old Mr. Ayire Kweku emerged best farmer in the Kessena-Nankana Municipality.

He took home a motor-tricycle, two pairs of Wellington boot, five bars of key soap, six yards of GTP cloth, three knapsack sprayers, water trough and a certificate.

48 year old Mary Adoba took the first runner-up award.

She took home a motorbike, two pairs of Wellington boot, three bars of key soap, four yards of GTP cloth, knapsack sprayer, water trough and a certificate.

38 year old Pious Nabare also won the second runner up position and also took home a motorbike, two pairs of Wellington boot, three bars of key soap, GTP cloth, knapsack sprayer, water trough and a certificate.

A 73 year old Mr. Abulga Atuliba was also adjudged the best physically challenged farmer in the Municipality.

The MP for the Navrongo Central Constituncy, Joseph Kofi Adda, gave motor- tricycle each to the Kessena-Nankana Municipal best youth and woman farmer.