Garu MP calls on stakeholders to support Presbyterian Agric Station

| Updated Dec 01, 2017 at 0:35am



The Member of Parliament, (MP) for Garu Constituency in the Upper East Region, Albert Akuka Alalzugah, has said the constituency’s quest for modernized agriculture will remain illusory if the authorities in the area continue to neglect Agric extension services.

He said farmers across the constituency urgently need guidance and support of extension officers to adopt modern techniques of agriculture.

The MP who was speaking at the climax of the 50th anniversary of the Garu Presbyterian Agric Station, called on the people in the area to embrace modern agronomic practices.

According to him, the Garu Presbyterian Agric Station has for the past fifty years equipped farmers in the area with best agronomic practices.

Mr. Alalzugah said farmers in the area including himself have benefited a lot from the station.

He said some of them could not have gone to school without the support of the Agric station.

Mr. Alalzugah said agric station has contributed significantly to the lives of people in the area and ought to be commended.

He expressed the need for government to invest in the training of private sector to build public and private partnerships in the delivery of extension services.

Mr. Alalzugah said the consequences of poor extension services delivery to smallholder farmers brought in its trail characteristic poor agronomic practices, post-harvest management challenges, inefficient use of inputs, abuse of pesticides, low adaptive capacity for research and technology uptake and inadequate access to auxiliary information that could help increase agricultural productivity in the area and the country at large.

The MP called on government to empower the Garu Presbyterian Agric Station with enough resources to enable them disseminate research products that addresses the needs of farmers.

The MP pledged to use part of his MPs' common fund to support the activities of the Garu Presbyterian Agric Station.