NUGS demands government secures safety of Ghanaians in Libya

| Updated Nov 29, 2017 at 12:33pm


African slaves 'sold in Libyan car parks for $200', according to EURONEWS


The National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS, has called on Government to ensure safety of Ghanaians in Libya, where CNN investigations revealed that migrants are being sold as farm workers.

A statement signed by the International Relations Secretary Elect, Victor Elias Seshie, notes that uncensored images published on some global media outlets speaks to the inhumane and demoralizing treatments of these victims who mostly are from sub-Sahara Africa.

It says government should see to it, those Ghanaian nationals especially students, are given maximum protection under both international law and state sovereignty.

The statement urges the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, to ascertain the number of Ghanaians who are trapped in this crime for repatriation and to also discourage, especially the youth, from embarking on such life threatening journeys in search for greener pastures.