Bono-Ahafo drivers advised to adopt defensive driving tactics

| Updated Nov 28, 2017 at 10:34am


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Drivers within the various District Assemblies and the Bono-Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council (BARCC) have been advised to adopt defensive driving tactics, especially as it relates to speeding and abide by all Road Traffic Regulations to reduce accidents to the barest minimum.

An Official of the Bono-Ahafo National Road Safety Commission, Gabriel Kwame Okyere, said this at a novelty a Workshop for Drivers within the District Assemblies and the Bono-Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council in Sunyani.

Organised by the BARCC, it was aimed at giving the drivers the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge, as well as give vent to any concerns they have at the work place.

Drivers and transportation in general play a crucial role in all aspects of work and life in general.

In the BARCC circles drivers among other duties, ferry Officers to and from Workshops and other Programs across the Nation on various issues.

But for once it was the turn of the drivers to attend a Workshop designed purposefully for them.

It was aimed at refreshing their skills to ensure smooth operations, particularly reducing accidents to the barest minimum.

Being a novelty workshop I asked the drivers what they made of the exercise.

Facilitators for the two day workshop came from the National Road Safety Commission, the Police MTTD, the, Red Cross, Fire Service and the Local Government Service.

Setting the ball rolling for the Workshop, an Assistant Director at the BARCC, Fritz Mensah, said the event was to signal the importance of drivers in the operations of the RCC.

He urged them to make the most of the training while grabbing the opportunity to socialize.

The Program Assistant of the BA NRSC, Gabriel Kwame Okyere, took the Drivers through, Professional Defensive Driving Training.

This was preceded by a Video which highlighted importance of seat belts and adherence to Road Safety Regulations and how such practices could have mitigated various accidents that happened in the recent past.

One interesting issue that came up was drivers allowing passengers to ride in the buckets of Pick up Vehicles.

This is very tricky as it is common practice especially in the rural areas, where transportation is not readily available.

Drivers consequently are forced to pick up passengers who ride in the bucket of pick-ups.

We sought answers from the Planning Officer of the National Road Safety Commission, Kwesi Boateng, on what the drivers have to do. He stressed carrying passengers in a pick-up bucket is illegal and dangerous.