Call for expeditious passage of outstanding anti-corruption bills

| Updated Nov 24, 2017 at 9:24pm



The Coalition of Civil Society Groups on the Office of the Special Prosecutor want government to give the same attention it gave to the passage of the Office of the Special Prosecutor to the passage of other outstanding anti-corruption Bills.

These are the Conduct of the Public Officers Bill, Right to Information Bill, Witness Protection and Whistleblower Amendment Bills which are relevant to the work of the Special Prosecutor.

In a statement signed by all four anti-corruption bodies including GII, CDD-Ghana, Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition and Parliamentary News Africa, they said the passage of the Special Prosecutor Bill is a bold step but its efficiency is tied to the passage of other anti-corruption bills.

The Coalition adds that it is disappointed in the decision by Parliament to disregard its proposal for an open and competitive appointment of the Special Prosecutor as contained in its memoranda submitted to Parliament and the Attorney General.