Queen Margrethe II visits Tema Port

| Updated Nov 24, 2017 at 2:43pm


Her Majesty during a presentation at Tema


Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark has visited the Port of Tema.

The visit on Friday saw the queen witness first Danish company AAK loading Shea nuts onto a vessel bound for Denmark and operations on a Danish operated container vessel.

The Shea nut, collected by thousands of primarily women in the rural parts of Ghana, is used for many things including chocolate, confectionery and cosmetics.

90% of Ghana’s international trade happens by sea. Most of it - from crops to high tech - transits through the Port of Tema - Ghana’s gateway to the world.

The Queen then visited the MPS container terminal, a modern, efficient terminal owned by a public-private partnership with 35 percent Danish ownership.

At the terminal, the Queen visited the port expansion site. A testimony to the strong public-partnership, and trust in Ghana’s continuing economic growth, MPS has invested $1.5 billion in the expansion.

MPS’ port expansion represents the largest land-based infrastructure investment in Ghana’s history and is set to open in 2019.