Mo Ibrahim report says Governance is deteriorating in Ghana

| Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 3:43pm



The 2017 Mo Ibrahim Governance report has pointed out that governance in Ghana is deteriorating.

It stated that even though governance in Africa saw some growth in recent years, it has significantly slowed.

Ghana scored higher than the African average of 50.8% percent and higher than the regional average for West Africa which is 53.8.

The organisation is calling for vigilance on the continent’s future as many countries struggle to build on recent progress or reverse negative trends.

While Ghana achieved its highest category score in Participation and Human Rights, its lowest category score is in Sustainable Economic Opportunity where it scored 51.1.

The report also said on the Rule of Law, Ghana scored its highest sub-category score of 88.7 and its lowest sub-category score in Infrastructure 40.1.