Stop blaming God for woes or misgivings - JJ Rawlings

| Updated Jul 24, 2018 at 7:37pm


Flt Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.


Former President Flt Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings has asked Africans to desist from the habit of blaming God for their woes or misgivings.

He said the time is apt for all to bring their intellect to bare to ensure equitable and efficient distribution of of available resources.

The former president made these remarks at an evening encounter with country representatives of the UNFPA 's Regional Management Team in Accra.

Former president Rawlings bemoaned the situation where people highly placed in society counteracted his advocacy initiatives towards citizens planning their families.

This he described as disheartening as most parents had limited resources to cater adequately for more children.

He agreed with the point that though the African continent may not be overpopulated the equation in terms of allocation of resources may not be right.

He emphasised that scarce resources must match population to ensure that everybody's needs are catered for.

On the use of local languages, former president Rawlings believes that Africans must show integrity towards its usage as is done to the western ones.

Flt Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings appealed to the regional block to uphold morality in order to bring about positive change geared towards developing the continent.