Be Proactive & Innovative To Transform the Continent- UNFPA tells African Govt's

| Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 4:22pm


West and Central African Regional Director of UNFPA, Mabingue Ngom.


The West and Central African Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund, (UNFPA) Mabingue Ngom, has underscored the need for African governments to leave their comfort zones and be proactive and innovative to transform the continent.

According to him it is time to identify what has gone wrong, especially with the youth and help them develop themselves and their respective country's economies.

Mr. Ngom was speaking at the opening of the UNFPA Regional Management meeting in Accra. Naa Dzagbley Ago reports.

The three day Regional Management Team meeting is where country representatives of the UNFPA meet to deliberate on their achievements in the past years as well as come up with strategic priorities to take forward.

Mr. Ngom noted that leaders must be committed by walking the talk and operationalizing their pledges to the people.

He said though progress has been made towards attaining the SDGs, there is still a need for improvement as their role is key to reaching the goals before 2030.

Mr. Ngom maintains that the Demographic Dividend of countries can only be tapped into if the necessary measures are put in place and followed keenly.

The Minister of Planning, Prof. George Gyan-Baffour in a message commended the UNFPA for the development of a road map for the Demographic Dividend, adding that Ghana has incorporated it into it's long and medium term development policy framework.

He gave the assurance that his Ministry will track the progress of it's implementation.

Participants at the meeting are made up of representatives from West and Central Africa as well as the UNFPA office in New York.

Radio Ghana’s Naa Dzagbley Ago filed this report.