New Driver's Licence and Vehicle Registration Smart Cards

| Updated Nov 10, 2017 at 12:23pm




At long last the new Driver's Licence and Vehicle Registration Smart Cards introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA, has been launched. This means that new applicants will be issued with the new Driver's Licence. The journey started from the 18th July this year but was halted for further consultations with stakeholders such as Driver's Unions. After all the consultations and discussions, the issuance of the new smart cards took off November 7.

The initiative is to ensure that qualified persons acquire licence to drive. It is also to eliminate the cumbersome process of acquiring licence and vehicle registration documents. This will eliminate the activities of middlemen popularly called ‘goro boys’ who most of the time issue fake licence to people who patronise their services. The smart Driver's Licence has security features that will make it impossible for anyone to duplicate. It has contactless chip with a high memory for the storage of bio data and other information. The card has a unique design that depicts the cultural heritage of the country.

One interesting this is that DVLA will now print the cards without going through a third party as was the case. This is to ensure that the days when people had the chance to issue fake licence are gone. It also begins the process to achieve paperless operations at the DVLA. These reforms are laudable because they will contribute greatly to safety on the roads and minimise accidents.

One question on the lips of most Ghanaians is that the goro community gained grounds with the help of some staff, what is the assurance that this attitude will not resurface? The management of DVLA led by the CEO, Kwasi Agyeman Busia has however assured the public that this will not happen again because the staff who will be handling the job have been well trained. They will also be monitored and anyone found engaging in any illegal activity will be severely dealt with. DVLA has procured its own capturing and printing equipment which are in use.

About 1,300 cards will be printed daily. This means the cards will be delivered within a maximum of three weeks via courier service to the owners at their locations. There is also a premium service where applicants will have their cards delivered to them in a day or two but this service will attract a premium fee. Another interesting thing about this initiative is that it will be done gradually; drivers with the old driver's licence can continue using it till it expires and then go for the new one.

Since the establishment of DVLA, it has seen a lot of reforms but some of them failed. This is because some of the staff and outsiders who are benefitting from the old system decided to frustrate the new one. It is the hope of all Ghanaians that the management and staff of DVLA will work diligently to ensure that the initiative succeeds to generate more income for the development of the nation.