Police stop demo by section of drivers in Accra against increasing fuel prices

| Updated Nov 07, 2017 at 3:02pm



An intended demonstration by a cross section of drivers in Accra today, against increasing fuel prices has been cancelled.

P.R.O. of the Concerned Drivers Union, David Agboado said the demonstration could not come on because the police are against the drivers' intention of using vehicles to demonstrate.

Director of Operations, Accra Regional Police Command, Chief Superintendent Kwesi Ofori explains that “boycotting of the demonstration is not our [police] business.”

“Our business is to prevent vehicular demonstration, thinking that they would walk, carry their placards, the police would protect them and protect the community that they walk but here we are, they say saying that they want to bring hundreds of vehicles to demonstrate with,” he said

“We have never seen this kind of demonstration in the world. The streets are not meant for car racing and we need to protect the public that is why we are urging them to go on foot. It is the mode of demonstration that we are kicking against not the demonstration in its entirety,” he added.