AMA Engages Land Valuation To Re-value Property Rates

| Updated Jul 24, 2018 at 8:58pm



The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has engaged the Land Valuation Division of the Land Commission to re-value all properties in the metropolis to help maximise revenue for development of the city.

The Accra Metropolitan Chief, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, at a news conference in Accra said it has become necessary to mobilise revenue to improve the living conditions of the people.

He urged all property owners in Accra to cooperate with the AMA to ensure the success of the exercise.

He said the new mechanism such as digital address system which was launched recently will help to effectively eliminate all forms of lapses in the system and widen the Assembly’s net of revenue mobilisation.

He said for the past 10 years the AMA has not been able to revalue its properties using supplementary rates of 2006 to charge property rates.

“There had been a big change of physical development from single to two or three storey, multi-storey offices and condominiums, hence the need to collaborate with other stakeholders to bring about the designed change,” he said.

Mr. Adjei Sowah said the AMA will benefit substantially from the exercise in terms of increase internally generated funds and establishing a comprehensive spatial data-base.

He said: “People should not see the collection of tolls and rates as a form of punishment since the money collected goes into the construction of roads, markets, schools and the provision of water.”

He gave the assurance that the AMA will not relent in its efforts to improve revenue generation and urged property owners in to be patriotic by paying their rates while cooperating with the revaluation officers in the exercise.

The Acting Director of the Land Valuation Division of the Land Commission, Kwabena Asaidu Gyang, said his office is poised to deliver their mandate as the law demands.

He said: “This exercise is long overdue and we are going to adopt the digital approach system when it comes to assessing the properties.”

He said the new system will rigidly prove all information needed from property owners and urged them to cooperate with the staff who would be undertaking the exercise.

Mr. Gyang appealed to the public to cooperate with their staff who will go round to take pictures of properties for an update.