“GBC is far better than the negativity attached to it” says NMC Chair

| Updated Nov 01, 2017 at 4:32pm


Nana Kwasi Gyan – Apenteng, NMC Boss.


The Chairman of the National Media commission (NMC), Nana Kwasi Gyan – Apenteng has called on all stakeholders to unite and help build Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, (GBC), and not to join the negative chorus about the corporation.
He made this statement during the swearing in of the newly appointed board members for the corporation on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

He said “We have to understand what is happening, GBC is not a bad place , the workers are not bad people, GBC used to enjoy monopoly and now it does not have the field to itself .We have sent GBC to go and compete without resources , GBC is far better than the negativity attached to it”

Mr. Gyan – Apenteng also urged the staff of the Corporation to remain united and make individual contributions which will help the company to progress.

He said: “No House will progress if there is division within it. A house divided within itself cannot stand. We need to sit down and accept that we all make contributions and together we can make progress, the institution belongs to everyone”

He further applauded the outgoing board members and encouraged the newly appointed board members to keep up the standard the corporation is noted for.

He mentioned “once again we are grateful to the previous board for its work here but lets ensure that going into the future, we keep the standard, we need GBC to continue to be the standard in broadcasting, we believe the new board will continue to help us chart the course to a better GBC .’’