| Updated Oct 26, 2017 at 11:23pm



As the date for the manual collection of television licence fees approaches, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has stepped up the campaign to sensitise the populace on the need to support the public broadcaster to deliver on its mandate by paying their television licence fees.

Management, led by the Director General of the Corporation Dr Kwame Akuffo Anoff-Ntow today (Thursday) called on the Head of the Judiciary Her ladyship Justice Sophia Akuffo to brief her on how the Corporation is preparing and to solicit her support in getting the public to live up to their civic responsibility.

The visit comes on the heels of one paid to the Inspector General of Police and the higher echelons of the Police Service last week. It has become important to court the heads of the law enforcement agencies since they occupy a position that can actively support the agents who will be deployed across the country to embark on a house-to-house collection of the television licence fees.

The TV Licensing Act 1966 NLCD 89 as amended directs that a person shall not install or use a television receiving set unless there is in existence in relation to that set a valid television receiving licence granted by the licensing authority. Therefore those who refuse to pay are infringing on the law and are liable for prosecution.

In her message of assurance, Justice Sophia Akuffo promised to look at the relevant provisions of the law with respect to prosecution and suggested the possible use of the circuit courts to prosecute defaulters as part of the effort to help the collection. She also appealed to the media to examine their programming to help educate the public.

Later in an interview, Dr Anoff-Ntow stated that “the judiciary is a critical pillar in the process” of dispensing justice so the visit was to have a conversation around the strategies planned for effective roll out of the television licence fees collection drive. He added that a special appeal was made, possibly for the establishment of a special court for those who default. He however gave the assurance that the conversation is not only about helping to collect TV licence fees but GBC is always prepared to support the judiciary in its effort to reach out to the populace through collaborative programmes.

The manual TV licence collection will be launched on Tuesday 31st October at Broadcasting House with multimedia and other innovative approaches being used.