Tourism Authority charges hoteliers to check clients info before admission

| Updated Oct 20, 2017 at 2:51pm



The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has underscored the necessity for facility owners and operators to take the particulars of lodgers on arrival before they are offered accommodation.

The Research, Statistic and Information Manager of GTA, Nana Twum Barima made the call at a hospitality excellence breakfast meeting in Wa.

Nana Barima stressed that service providers who do not take the details of lodgers will have themselves to blame if something happen at their facility.

The meeting was to update industry players on GTA’s project which is harnessing ICT to improve the tourism sector.

The project which is known as National Tourism Destination Single Window (DSW) has Societe General de Surveillance (SGS), Number International Limited (NIL) and Accela as partners.

A report by Radio Ghana’s Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo says the benefits of the DSW to the Tourism Sector include, a consolidative portal to measure tourism contribution to the economy, integrate with or improve the existing tourism portals to promote Ghana, generate revenues for the GTA, provide visibility for Revenue Authority, provide GTA with accurate statistics on travel activities in the country and to assist SMEs in the tourism business to become visible to the world.

The Quality Assurance Manager of GTA, Alex Boakye who delivered on the topic “Ghana Tourism Authority Service Charter 2017/2018 - Towards Efficient Service Delivery” said the vision of GTA is to be the main driver for the growth of tourism and to see Ghana become the leading sustainable tourist destination in West Africa by 2026.

He said in order to attain its vision, the Authority has a six-prong mission to deliver sustainable development in the country’s tourism sector through the deployment of the best technology and ICT, effective regulation and standardisation, strengthening stakeholder partnerships as well as uplifting industry service, safety and health standards among others.

Mr. Boakye stated that the GTA is in the process of establishing a 24-hour call centre to answer general queries and receive customer industry service complaints.

Touching on what he termed GTA’s service promise, the Quality Assurance Manager said the Authority has pegged it response time to E-mail enquiries to 24 hours.

On vetting of application forms in respect of site plans, architectural drawings, business plans for tourism enterprises as well as Registrar General’s Documents, Mr. Boakye indicated that within five working days of submission of documents, written feedback will be provided to clients.

He added that the Authority will equally try to provide its public all the needed information to access its services.

Some the key objectives of using the National Tourism Destination Single Window are to improve the one per cent (1%) levy collection, reduce cost and time of control and collection and to provide Tourism Authority accurate data in real-time on transactions performed, ready for statistical processing.