State Attorney files affidavit against ECG Workers Interlocutory Injunction

| Updated Oct 20, 2017 at 2:35pm



The State Attorney has filed an affidavit to counter the interlocutory injunction granted by the court to stop discussions and processes of government to privatize ECG.

Some thousand and one workers of ECG are in court to argue out that the privatization of it will lead to the laying off of about 4,000 workers without any redundancy package so the court should stop government.

The plaintiff was supposed to move for an interlocutory injunction motion filed to halt discussions of the privatization process until the court has decided on the matter before it, but it was interrupted by a counter application filed by Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame.

Counsel for the plaintiffs, Martin Kpebu said they will also file a supplementary affidavit based on what the A-G has filed but Deputy A-G disagreed saying there are no new facts, therefore its not necessary.

Although the court presided over by Justice Lorenda Owusu allowed the plaintiff's interlocutory injunction motion to be moved, lawyer Martin Kpebu, counsel for ECG declined with the explanation that,he would want to go through the counter application to the injunction filed by the state before.

He said this is necessary because he is fighting for about 4 thousand workers and must therefore take time to go through the affidavit.

The case has been adjourned to October 24 where plaintiff is expected to file a supplementary affidavit to buttress its earlier injunction filed.The plaintiff's application of injunction as well as the counter application of defendant are expected to be heard.