Indian business Trust donates classroom block to Family Outreach Ghana

| Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 10:29pm



Barbara Asher Ayisi, Deputy Minister of Education, unveiling the plaque for the classrooms donated by the Indian DDG Charitable Trust & Friends.
The Deputy Minister of Education in-charge of Primary and Junior High Schools (JHS) and Member of Parliament for the Cape Coast North constituency, Barbara Asher Ayisi, has inaugurated a five classroom block for Family Outreach Ghana, a non-profit organisation.

The DDG Charitable Trust and Friends, a group of Indian business people in Ghana, funded the classroom block with the aim of giving back to society.

At a short but colourful inauguration ceremony held on Thursday at Spintex, a suburb of Accra where Family Outreach Ghana is located, Madam Ayisi lauded the charitable organisation and the NGO for the initiative stating that giving to the needy is what humanity is meant for.

She said the initiative by the DDG Charitable Trust and Friends was good for the development of the country.

“We encourage these gestures by the private society. We urge people to do their little bests in their little communities to complement the good job the Nana Akufo – Addo government is doing,” she urged.

The Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Sri Birender Singh Yadav stated that the Indian community in Ghana was committed to the educational sector of the country and the general well being of the less privileged.

He said, “For the good business environment provided for our people in this country, we are also committed to helping Ghana reach its aim of universal education for all.”

Mr. Mukesh Thakwani, CEO of B5 Plus and a member of the DDG Charitable Trust & Friends, was also present at the inauguration ceremony.

According to him the Indian business community in Ghana takes its social responsibility seriously, and projects such as this are but one example of its involvement to support the community.

“Although we are involved in various charitable ventures, B5 Plus has been placing a great emphasis on education as the future of any country depends on the quality of its youth when it enters life after school,” Thakwani said.
Family Outreach Ghana, the NGO which facilitated the building of the ultra-modern school block facility was grateful to the DDG Charitable Trust & Friends for funding the project. It noted that the classroom would facilitate the NGO’s aim to empower the less privileged in society.

Family Outreach Ghana is a non-profit humanitarian organisation consisting of individuals of different nationalities, backgrounds and experience. All the people at Family Outreach Ghana are non-salaried volunteers dedicated to the common goal of improving people's lives.

The objectives of Family Outreach Ghana include:

a) Contributing to the reduction of hunger, disease, poverty and the effects of natural disasters;

b) Promoting the rights of children and women, including the right to education;

c) Developing an educational sponsorship program for poor children of Ghana;

d) Encouraging street children to study through an initiative of scholarships;

e) Advocating against child labour, a common problem in Ghana, and

f) Providing support to youth organisations for the development of their communities.

The country director stressed, “Our simple aim is to help the less privileged especially women and children from all walks of life, and we believe this classroom block would go a long way to help achieve that aim.”