Petition against GJA election dismissed

| Updated Oct 16, 2017 at 11:39am



The Electoral Dispute Adjudication Committee of the GJA has dismissed a petition against the conduct of the GJA Election held last week.

A statement from the Committee and copied to the GNA said in pursuant of Article 44 (a) of the GJA Constitution of 2004, two employees of the New Times Corporation, in a letter dated October 2, petitioned the Committee regarding the GJA election that was held on Friday, 29th September this year.

The basis of their petition is that they were both denied the opportunity to vote in the elections although they are paid members of GJA.

The Committee, having considered the petition, concluded that one of the petitions was not signed and so was rejected.

With regard to the other petition, it was concluded that an appeal or protest in relation to the omission of one’s name or otherwise from the GJA Elections Voters list ought to have been brought to the attention of the GJA Elections Committee in line with Article 43 of the GJA Constitution before the elections.

It further explained that coming to the Elections Adjudication Committee after the elections on issues regarding the omissions of one’s name from the register leading to the person not being allowed to vote is procedurally flawed.

The Committe therefore, summarily dismissed both petitions as they seek to achieve the same objectives and the issues are the same.

The Committee has separately written to the petitioners accordingly.