Gov't to build irrigation dams and 300KW Bio-power in Kpandai District

| Updated Sep 11, 2017 at 4:02am



Government, as part of its flagship program; One-Village-One-Dam, will build 10 units of 300KW Bio-power and 80 hectres of centre pivot irrigation dams in 10 selected villages within the Kpandai District.

It will also construct a 300KW dairy farm biogas power plant and irrigation dam as well as fertilizer production units in selected villages in the three regions of the north.

The program is in partnership with the Renewable Energy and Environmental Conservation (REEC) Biopower, a subsidiary of Hi-Limit Group.

This was in a statement issued by the Chief Executive of Hi-Limit Group, Emmanuel Larbi,at the Kpandai District Assembly General Meeting for the commencement of the project, and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

The project, estimated at 660 million dollars, is to generate a total of 132MW of electricity from biopower plants and 35,200 hectres of centre pivot irrigation dams spread across the 44 districts of the three regions of the north.

The objective is to improve rural electrification development, food production and security, and job creation.

Mr. Larbi said the Hi-Limit patent plant design would distribute electricity generated from dairy farm biogas plants to rural villages whiles at the same time using the biogas effluent (liquid fertilizer) dams for irrigation purposes.

The Member of Parliament for Kpandai and Deputy Majority Chief Whip, Mathew Nyidam, expressed happiness at the commencement of the project in his district and affirmed government’s support to make it a reality.

Hi-Limit’s REEC Biopower is a Ghanaian company with operations in Africa, Europe, and Asia.