UN Deputy Boss says SDGs are "taking hold" across the world

| Updated Sep 09, 2017 at 4:58pm



The Sustainable Development Goals are "taking hold" across the world and capturing public imagination, two years after they were agreed by 193 countries.

That's the view of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, addressing an informal meeting on implementing the 17 global goals in the General Assembly.

The ambitious goals include ending poverty and hunger, while boosting health and education for all.

The Deputy UN chief praised the 65 Member States who've submitted updates on how they're going to realize the goals, but she stressed that overall, the pace of progress is insufficient.

Governments must act faster and on a bigger scale said Ms. Mohammed.

"The Sustainable Development Goals have jumped from the General Assembly Hall into communities across the world, and they are taking hold among policy makers and global public awareness, universally, around the world, when we visit, people tell us about what they're doing in a very excited way but also in a challenged one, because in many of these instances it's not an easy one to have across sectors."