Sunyani Traditional Council Denies Energy University Is On Fiapre Land

| Updated Sep 09, 2017 at 11:39am



The Sunyani Traditional Council has in a quick reaction, described as false, an assertion by the Fiapre Traditional Council that the University of Energy and Natural Resources is sited on their land.

Speaking to the issue in an interview with the GBC in Sunyani, the Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Bourfotia Boaponsem stated that the area is an integral part of Sunyani and they have documents to prove that.

Radio Ghana earlier this week carried a news item in which the Fiapre Traditional Council, through the Acting Chief, Nana Donyina Kusi, said they are not happy about the UENR being referred to as located in Sunyani, when it is geographically placed in Fiapre.

But the Sunyani Traditional Council has a contrary view. According to the Krontihene, Nana Bourfotia Boamponsem, the assertion by the Fiapre Chief is false.

Speaking to the GBC on behalf of the Omanhene of Sunyani, Nana Busuma Asor Nkrawiri, He stressed that the UENR is situated in Sunyani and the Fiapre Chief should go to court to prove his case.

Nana Boamponsem added that they have documents covering the land.

He went on to say traditional issues should be devoid of politics and called on politicians not to get involved in the matter.