Exton Cubic Group Describes License Revocation Worrying

| Updated Sep 05, 2017 at 10:47pm


Exton Cubic PRO, Samuel Gyamfi.


Mining firm Exton Cubic Group Ltd. has described as worrying, the decision by government to revoke its exploration license.

According to the company, it has not done anything wrong to warrant the revocation of its license.

Speaking on Accra based radio station Okay FM on Tuesday, the Public Relations Officer of Exton Cubic, Samuel Gyamfi described the move by government as ‘Witch hunting and clear persecution’.

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu on Monday announced the cancellation of the contract, saying the company’s three mining leases were invalid.

The ministry had earlier said Exton Cubic had the requisite license to prospect for bauxite in the Nyinahin forest reserve but the Environmental Protection Agency said the requisite environmental permit had not been granted.

In a letter to Exton Cubic, Mr. Amewu said “the absence of publications of the Gazette of notice of the pendency of the company’s applications and service of the notice on the various entities specified in the law is contrary to both section 13(2) of Act 703 and Regulation 177 of L.I. 2176 (Minerals and Mining Regulations.”

Commenting on the development, Mr. Gyamfi said "It is sad that we have a President who said he was going to create an enabling environment for the private sector, who is coming to help improve working environment in Ghana, and this is what we are doing to our businesses. It is sad, this is not how we develop the country".

According to Mr. Gyamfi said the company will seek appropriate redress.

"What I can tell you is that we have met all the requirements of the law, all those requirements mentioned in the letter that you just read have been met by us".

The mining company which says it was granted a license on December 29, 2016, insists it followed due process in the acquisition of the mining license despite claims by the EPA and Mineral’s Commission that it was in breach of the law.

"There is evidence and record to show that indeed we have met these requirements, we are going to give you the documentation for you to see it yourself".‘

SOURCE: Daily Graphic