North Korea conducts 6th nuclear test- S Korea Officials

| Updated Sep 03, 2017 at 5:59am


North Korean leader Kim Jong pictured inspecting the loading of a hydrogen bomb into a new intercontinental ballistic missile, Pyongyang's state media said Sunday.


North Korea is reported to have conducted its sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

A large earth tremor detected in North Korea, raising speculation that the country has carried out its sixth nuclear test.

US seismologists said the 5.6 magnitude quake was recorded at a depth of 10km (six miles).

South Korea immediately convened a national security council meeting.

The tremor comes hours after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was pictured with what state media said was a new type of hydrogen bomb.

State media said the device could be loaded on to a ballistic missile. Neither claim could be independently verified.

South Korea officials said the quake took place in Kilju County, where the North's Punggye-ri nuclear test site is situated.

China's Earthquake Administration described the tremor as a "suspected explosion".

North Korea carried out its last nuclear test in September last year.