Four suspected criminals burned alive in DR Congo's mob justice

| Updated Oct 11, 2017 at 1:26pm



Four suspected criminals in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been burned alive and their bodies displayed in public in what an official called 'people's justice.

It follows a series of violent robberies in DR Congo.

A police officer is reported as saying that a couple has been killed in their shop today.

Frequent reports of armed robberies have led to public anger.

The AFP news agency says a police spokesperson, General Paulin Kyungu, confirmed the killings and what he called "this people's justice" against the four victims.

AFP reports that protesters have gathered in the Lubumbashi neighbourhood of Tabac Congo where the four individuals were lynched, and "a police uniform was placed next to one of the bodies", which General Kyungu says is an attempt to discredit his police officers.