Fisheries Commission: No evidence of steroid in tilapia yet

| Updated Aug 31, 2017 at 3:44pm



The Head of Aquatic Animal Health at the Fisheries Commission, Dr. Peter Ziddah, says so far there is no evidence to suggest that steroids are being used in fish farming in Ghana.

This is in response to a documentary by a freelance journalist, Kofi Adzivor, who claims to have evidence that some Chinese are using feed mixed with steroids on their fish farms on the Volta Lake.

According to Dr. Ziddah, officers from the Fisheries Commission and the Ministry have visited the said Chinese farms but found no such evidence.

He said samples of fish have been taken from the cages for further laboratory test. He also disclosed that one Chinese farm has been closed down for not following guidelines.

Dr. Ziddah said the public must not confuse hormones with steroids.

According to him, farmers are permitted to use hormones to feed their fishes at the early stages in the ponds but not on the lake.

He gave assurance that the fish on the market is wholesome for consumption.

Meanwhile, the journalist, Kofi Adzivor is standing by his claims.

According to him he has enough evidence to support his story.

Mr. Adzivor also claims he has documentary evidence to suggest that human excreta are also dumped into the cages to feed the fishes.