| Updated Aug 30, 2017 at 5:00pm



The senior National cricket team begins its 2023 International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cricket League qualifiers on Sunday 3rd September 2017 in Benoni, South Africa. Ghana won gold in the ICC Africa Division Two tournament in March 2017 to qualify for the world division.

Ghana is expected to bat off on fly start when they play against Germany before taking on Vanuatu and Jersey in group B. The countries in Group A are European giants Italy, Cayman Islands and Qatar. They will be battling in the 6 day event in a 50-over format.

The top two teams advance to the semi finals with the two finalists making it to the World Division 4 for other qualifiers towards the India 2023 world cup. The 3rd place team remains in Division 5 and the last five countries will be relegated to their respective regions.

In a bid to make a huge impact, Ghana has won two trial games in their High Performance training including a one wicket win over Eastern Academy in South Africa with batsman Obed Harvey winning 91 runs not out.

Speaking ahead of their opening game on Sunday, the captain of the team Peter Ananya believes they are experienced enough to progress to Division 4.

‘This team has been together for over ten years. We have played several tournaments together so the experience is huge and we believe it will be key, in our quest to surmount this hurdle. We have so far won two preparatory games and so we are beaming with confidence. The target is to at least make it to the finals and that is our focus but we are taking each game at a time’.

Story: Michael Okuley